Maple sweet potato chips, cajun spices (V)  $6

Spiced peanuts (V)  $4

Edamame, seaweed salt (V) $8


Mushroom and cheese rice balls, (V)  $3

Prawn toast, citrus $3

red braised pork, steamed slider bun, pickles $4*

crispy chicken wings, sherry, soy and sesame dressing $3

duck pancake $4.5

dumplings $4
Choice of
prawn, fish, exotic mushroom, scallop, pork & chicken

Rice boxes $10

Individual rice boxes topped

Choice of

hot, sweet and sticky sour pork, pineapple and capsicum

beef, capsicum & onions with lettuce cups

Asian mushrooms, miso butter (V)

lychee jelly, coconut & mint spoons $4

*vegetarian option available